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What’s inside?

We are proud to bring you our first edition of the Patient Pulse!

The Patient Pulse reports on and analyzes data gathered from a new survey of 500+ healthcare consumers. It examines the patient experience across a range of healthcare issues.

Part 1 of the report provides an overview of the study and the insights we gained from the respondents.

Why do I need this?

The Patient Pulse shines the light on important topics for both healthcare consumers and those who are treating them, so we can understand where the gaps lie and take steps to fix them.

Download Part 1

What does this mean for sponsors of clinical studies?

“Traditional” or site-based study recruitment relies on medical providers acting as the primary referral for clinical studies. However, we found that referrals are not happening most of the time.


What did we learn?

Our first Patient Pulse provides some good insights, surprising responses and concerns regarding clinical study opportunities.

We provide both an overview and analysis for each question, including segmentation by ethnicity/race, income, age, gender and location, to understand frustrations, issues, success and opportunities.

Download Part 1

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